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15 Best Color Tools for Designers

Color, as one of the important visual elements of webpage or app design, can not only help UI/UX designers effectively display and highlight the information and functions related to the interface or products, but also easily and naturally reveal and convey the corresponding emotions of the designer quickly. At the same time attracting the eyes of users, it also arouses the emotional resonance of users, thus helping designers create beautiful and cool websites without losing their practicality.

In short, the choice and matching of colors is also an important part of web/app design, which cannot be ignored.

In this article, in order to facilitate the majority of UI/UX designers to quickly and efficiently select the colors and color schemes required by the design, the editor has collected 15 latest and most useful free color tools at home and abroad, hoping to help everyone.

Best Online Color Tools

Online color tools, as the name suggests, are some design tools for online color selection and matching based on web pages or the cloud. When designers use it, there is no need to install it, and it is not limited by time and place. It is very convenient and fast.

1. Coolors

Coolors - UI Freebies
Visit website:

Coolors is a super simple and practical website color matching tool. Support designers to create, save, share, and export various Web/App color schemes online. Its concise and easy-to-understand user guide is also super intimate and practical for designers, especially design beginners. 

Moreover, for designers who often use Adobe tools to complete various designs, Coolors also provides them with Adobe plug-in benefits. After a quick installation, simply click to create and reuse various color schemes.

2. Colordot

Colordot is a super easy-to-use online color selection tool launched by Hailpixel. Users simply click or scroll the mouse to select colors and create the required color matching scheme. Its iOS mobile version is also very simple and easy to use, supporting various gestures to select and share various colors/color schemes. 

Colordot - UI Freebies
Visit website:

3. Flat UI Colors

Flat UI Colors is a very suitable tool when webpage/app design time is tight and designers need to quickly build or choose interface colors. 

As a fast online color matching tool, Flat UI Colors provides designers with 13 high-quality color schemes based on the preferences of designers around the world. Designers can simply paste and copy to apply the required color scheme directly to their design projects, which is convenient and easy to use.

3. Flat UI Colors - UI Freebies
Visit website:

4. Colourco

Colorurco is a super simple and easy to use the online color tool. Allow designers to choose colors as needed, build, and download the best color matching scheme. Similar to Colordot analyzed above but provides more customized color editing, selection, and building tools.

4. Colourco - UI Freebies
Visit website:

5. Color Supply

Different from all the online color tools mentioned above, the best color scheme is built by adding colors one by one. This ultra-simple and interesting online color tool use a very intuitive and cool color wheel design for users to choose two, three or even four required colors.

Moreover, after the color selection is completed, a series of related color matching schemes will be displayed on the right in time. For designers, whether it is direct selection, or looking for design inspiration, the color scheme on the right is very practical.

5. Color Supply - UI Freebies
Visit website:

Best Color Selection Tools

Then, follow the editor to learn about some of the best color selection tools (also called color pickers).

6. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC (also known as “Adobe Kuler”) is a very high-quality and efficient color extraction tool. Support users to create an interface color scheme with 5 colors at a time.

Its function of automatically generating color related to pictures is also very high-quality and practical. Users simply upload the required pictures, they can easily obtain the corresponding color matching, without having to build one by one.

Therefore, if you, as a designer, happen to use Adobe tools, and hope to directly obtain and use the color of the selected image in the project design, Adobe Color CC is undoubtedly your best helper.

5. Adobe Color CC - UI Freebies
Visit website:

7. HTML Color Codes

As a very convenient and practical color tool, HTML Color Codes can help designers easily select colors, build, download, and export-related color schemes for later use. Support multiple export formats, such as Hex, RGB, HTML, CSS, SCSS, etc. Supports creating color schemes built from 6 colors at once.

In short, HTML Color Codes is a tool that is very suitable for designers to build, reuse, and export color schemes of related projects at any time.

7. HTML Color Codes - UI Freebies
Visit website:

8. Web Fx Color Picker

This ultra-fast color selection and color generation tool allows designers to quickly build color schemes with 12 colors. If necessary, the designer can also easily click to generate the corresponding link and share the corresponding color matching, which is simple and fast.

Web Fx Color Picker - UI Freebies
Visit website:

Best Color Matching Tools

The color matching tool (also referred to as “color matching tool”) is also an important tool for designers to quickly build and select color matching and improve work efficiency.

9. Colormind

Like other color matching tools, this tool also requires users to add colors one by one to build the required color scheme. Support the creation of color schemes with 5 colors added.

But the difference is that as a color matching tool on the web, Colormind allows designer users to check the application effect of color matching in specific web design, such as Landing Page and corresponding interface components (such as navigation bar, buttons, and toolbars, etc.), From helping designers to more accurately build and choose color schemes.

6. Colormind - UI Freebies
Visit website:

10. Color Hunt

As its name implies, Color Hunt, in addition to supporting designers to directly create color combinations, also provides users with a powerful color matching library. Designers can simply search for the best project color scheme through their intimate filters and search functions to get design inspiration.

7. Color Hunt - UI Freebies
Visit website:

11. Hue Snap

Hue Snap is a customized color matching and sharing tool. It supports two design methods: uploading pictures to automatically obtain color schemes and manually building color schemes one by one. If you want, you can simply click and share the color through Facebook and other social platforms.

Of course, if you are a designer, you just have no idea about how to design and build the best color scheme for Web/App, don’t worry. Simply open its “Explore” section, you can easily view the various color schemes shared by other designers to get design inspiration.

11. Hue Snap - UI Freebies
Visit website:

Other essential color tools

12. Gradients

If various gradient colors are needed in the project design, this free gradient tool will be very useful.

12. Gradients - UI Freebies
Visit website:

13. Khroma

Khroma AI is an efficient AI color tool. Designers can create color schemes with up to 50 colors at once.

13. Khroma - UI Freebies
Visit website:

14. Color Kuler

Instagram, as one of the social platforms widely used by designers, showcases many excellent web or app designs. And the colors and color schemes used in various excellent designs are also worth learning and learning from.

This color tool provides convenience for users who want to directly obtain various colors and color combinations from social platforms such as Instagram.

14. Color Kuler - UI Freebies
Visit website:

15. Design Inspiration

When there is no clue about the color design of webpage/app, designers can use this color tool to search and view the color scheme of various webpages or works of art to obtain design inspiration.

Easily enter the corresponding color or other related keywords, you can view various designs and get design inspiration.

15. Design Inspiration - UI Freebies
Visit website:


Color, as one of the most important interface visual elements, is an important means for Web/App design to attract and retain users. Whether you can choose a high-quality, efficient, and handy color matching tool is also an important condition for designers to successfully create an optimal Web/App design.

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