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Marketing Dashboard Free

If you are looking for a tool to manage and visualize data about your business, this Marketing Dashboard is the thing for you. It combines colors that are easy on the eye, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics.

It has a huge collection of reusable UI. It can be used for all types of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, SAAS, CMS or CRM, etc.

It is a perfect choice for corporate, business, and personal usage. You can control the workflow, performance, and different indicators. Despite a large amount of functionality in the template, it is simple and easy to use. The Marketing Dashboard interface is created in a pleasing color scheme, in a material design style.

This file includes symbols and layer styles, so that you will easily be able to change the entire UI Kit’s colors, icons, typography, and some components in just a few clicks! Most components and groups are also responsive and resizable, so you can quickly and easily adapt these screens for your own custom artboards.

In addition, we have many other user interfaces of the website for the dashboard. You can see it here.