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Monofin Finance App Free

This is a Monofin Finance App UI Kit, which helps you to send and receive money to your contacts and people nearby. It can also help you to manage your expenses by creating an expense log, so you don’t lose track of your spendings.

It has 11 Screens: Welcome, Security login, Home, Send money, Receive Money, searching for nearby devices, profile, contact chat, paying money, manage money, and add expenses.

You can easily customize the screens, allowing for great flexibility and ease-of-use when it comes to putting the finishing touch on your project. This item has been made with user customization in mind: every screen, UI element, or component is easily editable.

All elements are well-organized and sorted by folders so that you can quickly edit and customize your screen in the smartest way possible. This set would be a great match for your app! Each screen and component is made carefully and easily customized for any project. This product will speed up your work in mobile design.

In addition, we have many other user interfaces of the finance app. You can see it here.